What is atript?

As an advertiser, you have absolute control over which user you address and when. With atript you now have access to the users of other websites, as if they were your own.

Atript is compatible with all major marketing systems and can be used without any integration effort.

What we offer


Through intelligent access management and automated pixel verification, we can guarantee that only authorized and approved companies have access to the data.


We provide both the publishers and marketers with complete transparency. Each member can view all relevant information about performance at any time.


With up to 100,000 copies per second, our pixels are extremely fast. On top of that, the architecture of our software does not allow us to compromise the performance of a platform.

Our Stack

Node REST API - fast scale

Our web application is based on Node.js. The framework is distinguished above all by its high performance. Working with atript in the browser feels as if it were a native application.

Amazon Cloudfront CDN - fast dock

We use Cloudfront to quickly launch our application.

Amazon Cloudfront CDN - schnell andocken

Als Content Delivery Network kommt bei atript Cloudfront zum Einsatz, um ein schnelles Plug and Play mit Ihren AWS-Anwendungen zu garantieren.

DynamoDB - very, very fast write

As a database, the NoSQL database DynamoDB is used.

AngularJS in front end

As a front-end technology for our applications, we use the AngularJS framework. Here too, the focus is on performance coupled with a nice, intuitive interface that makes working easy.

AngularJS im Front-End

Als Front-End Technologie für unsere Applikationen benutzen wir das AngularJS Framework. Auch hier steht die Performance bei uns im Mittelpunkt – gepaart mit einer schönen, intuitiven Oberfläche, auf der das Arbeiten leicht fällt.

R as the basis for our data analysis

We use R to analyze and statistically evaluate our data sets.

Python - Realtime Analysen

In addition to R, Python is used for real-time analysis.

Python - Realtime Analysen

Neben R kommt bei uns noch Python zur Anwendung, vor allem zur Echtzeitanalyse.